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J&K: Water supply fully restored in South Kashmir

J&K: Water supply fully restored in South Kashmir In a major relief for hundreds of flood-affected people in South Kashmir towns of Anantnag, Pulwama, Shopian and Kulgam, water supply has been fully restored in these areas and it..

Sena talks tough on seat-sharing, ready to go alone

Sena talks tough on seat-sharing, ready to go alone Shiv Sena has toughened its stand on seat-sharing against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for Maharashtra Assembly polls by explaining how it views its relationship with the BJP.

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New gene linked to diabetes traits found: Study


Researchers have succeeded in finding a gene that is linked to traits involved in diabetes. The findings of the study are published in Genetics. In collaborative research led by..

iFixit tears apart new iPhones, finds them easy to fix


If you want to know about the stuff of your phone without tearing it apart, you can trust iFixit to do it for you.

Kaley Cuoco on her nude photo leak: 'You've gotta make fun of yourself'


Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has found a great way to deal with an awful situation saying 'You've gotta make fun of yourself'.

Keyshia Cole detained on suspicion of battery


Grammy-nominated R&B singer Keyshia Cole was on Friday morning arrested by police on suspicion of battery after an altercation in Los Angeles.

Obama sent handwritten condolences after Joan Rivers death: Melissa


Melissa Rivers on Thursday appeared on a special "Fashion Police: Celebrating Joan". This was the first time Melissa publicly spoke out on television since the death of her mother on..

Angelina Jolie surgery fuels rise in female cancer tests: Study


The health updates of high-profile celebrities can have long-lasting impact on the health of masses as was witnessed in the case of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie whose surgery..

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Exercise ups tumour-fighting ability of chemo


A new study has found that combining exercise with chemotherapy could shrink tumours more than chemotherapy alone.

Allowing gay men to donate blood may save more lives


Permitting gay men to donate blood by lifting the ban could turn out to be a life saver for more than a million individuals, according to a recent California study.

Dark matter exists. Here's why


Scientists behind the 2 billion dollar Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) experiment are reporting new data, which points toward the potential detection of dark matter particles.

Our fear of spiders has a scientific explanation


It is quite natural for humans to fear spiders. Even though only a few spiders in UK are actually poisonous, there are about one million people with arachnophobia in the country.

Apple fans line up for iPhone 6


Friday looked similar to Christmas in US as the latest Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale. Several interested buyers gathered outside cell phone and electronics stores..

Andromeda galaxy to consume Milky Way in 5 billion years


According to a new research, with the passage of time huge monster galaxies will stop the generation of stars that expand their size and will start eating smaller nearby galaxies.