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Saradha scam: TMC MP Srinjoy Bose held, Congress, BJP target Mamata

Saradha scam: TMC MP Srinjoy Bose held, Congress, BJP target Mamata The arrest of Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member Srinjoy Bose by the CBI on Friday has prompted the Congress and the BJP to demand the resignation of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Obama to be chief guest at Republic Day celebrations

Obama to be chief guest at Republic Day celebrations In a major diplomatic boost for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his attempts to strengthen the bilateral ties between India and the US, President Barack Obama on Friday accepted..

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Black seadevil anglerfish caught on video


A video of a rare deep sea anglerfish has been captured by the scientists off the coast of California. The video is significant as it is only the sixth time in history that..

Cameron Diaz, Bruno Mars appear on Saturday Night Live


Hollywood A-lister Cameron Diaz hosts the latest edition of 'Saturday Night Live'. In the promos the beautiful actress was seen trying to strike a pose on the stage...

Samsung files lawsuit to block Nvidia chips from US


Samsung has filed a lawsuit with the International Trade Commission of the US in order to block computer-graphics chips made by Nvidia Corp from hitting the American market.

Jennifer Lawrence croons in new 'Hunger Games'


According to report, Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence was so nervous about singing a sorrowful tune in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" that she broke down on the day of the recording.

American Music Awards 2014: Top performers, nominees


The American Music Awards this weekend will honor musicians from different genres with stars from pop and R&B to Latin and EDM set to perform and go home with the trophies.

US Judge approves Apple's e-book lawsuit settlement proposal


Denise L. Cote, a US district judge in Manhattan approved a settlement in the court hearing on Friday wherein Apple consented to pay USD 400 million in cash and e-book credits..

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Study analyses benzene content of hookah tobacco


A new study has found that hookah smoking increases exposure to benzene which is linked to increased risk of leukemia. "In contrast to what is believed, hookah tobacco smoking is not a..

Men more helpful to women in high heels: Study


Though we already know this but now a new study has declared high heels officially sexy saying that men might be more helpful to women in high heels. The study is published in Springer's..

Gluten-free not as good as it sounds


A new study has found that gluten-free is not actually as good as claimed. It is said that people with celiac disease should avoid eating wheat with gluten but the researchers claimed..

Women bosses are more depressed. Men, not so much.


A new study has found that being the boss at work seems to raise the odds for symptoms of depression among women, but not men. Tetyana Pudrovska, lead author and assistant professor in..

Rise of saturated fat in diet doesn't raise blood fat


A new study has found that the rise of saturated fat in diet does not lead to increased levels of saturated fat in the blood but the increase of the amount of carbohydrates in the..

European Parliament draft resolution proposes Google break-up


A non-binding resolution has been proposed by the European Parliament (EP) seeking the split of search engine operations of US-based firm Google in Europe from the rest of the company's business.