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AAP accuses NDA, UPA ministers of 'Reliance link', offers documentary evidence

AAP accuses NDA, UPA ministers of 'Reliance link', offers documentary evidence Delhi is gearing up for the upcoming elections and raising the temperatures of a freezing capital is the Aam Aadmi Party which on Thursday took aim at both BJP and Congress..

26/11 accused Lakhvi gets bail; India outraged, Pak to challenge bail

26/11 accused Lakhvi gets bail; India outraged, Pak to challenge bail There is widespread outrage in India over the granting of bail to the main conspirator of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi by a Pakistani court.

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Large carnivores thriving in Europe


Europe's population of large carnivores like wolverines, lynx and brown bears has recovered from a previous decline - in fact, their numbers have risen to near-record highs..

Obesity could be a disability at work, rules top EU court


The European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that obesity can be a disability at work. This verdict by the European Court could lead to far-reaching consequences through..

Shah Rukh meets Stanford University students in Mumbai


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan met with a few students of the prestigious Stanford University in Mumbai on Thursday, not to talk business with the students, but..

Honda to launch new range of two-wheelers in 2015


Japanese auto-manufacturer, Honda Motor is developing a new range of inexpensive scooters and motorcycles to cater to the Indian customers and gain market leadership, with..

Micromax Yu Yureka: Cyanogen-based smartphone may prove game-changer


Micromax, an Indian consumer electronics firm introduced a new range of smartphones under its CyanogenMod based Yu brand on Thursday. The first smartphone in the new series..

Mom's exposure to smog during pregnancy may raise baby's autism risk: Study


A new Harvard study has found that environmental influences before birth play a role in the risk of developing autism. Pregnant women who were exposed to certain levels of air..

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Paleo Diet: The truth revealed!


Paleo diet is supposed to be what humans ate during the Paleolithic Age which was from 12.6 million up to 12,000 years ago. What they allegedly ate was vegetables, meat..

Kepler spacecraft spots a 'Super-Earth' 180 light-years away


The U.S. space agency NASA's Kepler spacecraft has spotted its first alien planet since the time when it malfunctioned in the month of May last year. The new Super-Earth..

Google aims to get under the hood with Android Auto


Google will build Android Auto software directly into cars with Android M, allowing drivers to enjoy all the benefits of the internet without even plugging in their smartphones..

Asteroid impact that wiped out dinosaurs, almost finished off mammals


The asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs also killed off the majority of mammalian species, to such an extent that our entire class might have been lucky to survive..

Voyager 1 experiencing 'tsunami wave', beyond the solar system


Messages that were received from the NASA spacecraft Voyager 1, travelling at a distance of 19.5 billion kms from Earth, indicate that it is experiencing a "tsunami wave"..

Arctic is warming at twice the global rate: NOAA


Arctic air temperatures are increasing at twice the rate of global air temperatures causing an increased rate of ice melt, says the latest NOAA report which is compiled by 63..