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Ferguson case: Protests in London outside US embassy, 400 arrested across US

Ferguson case: Protests in London outside US embassy, 400 arrested across US Some Britons on Wednesday gathered outside the United States embassy in London to extend their support to the demonstrations which have been going across the US over the..

Badaun cousins committed suicide, not murdered: CBI

Badaun cousins committed suicide, not murdered: CBI The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday concluded that the two teenage cousins in Badaun, who were found hanging from a tree in their village in May, committed..

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Shia LaBeouf: I was raped on Valentine's Day


Transformers actor, Shia LaBeouf, 28, who was arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and harassment at a Broadway production of Cabaret, after..

Roseanne Barr removes tweet 'joke' about Cosby


Hollywood celebrity Roseanne Barr learned not to joke about veteran actor Bill Cosby when she tweeted a selfie of her swollen and deformed face on Wednesday and quipped..

Soon, Melissa McCarthy fashion line 'for all sizes'


Actress Melissa McCarthy is all set to add clothing designer to her present list of accomplishments. The 44-year-old American actress disclosed in an..

Skype's picture-in-picture feature now on Android smartphones


Free call and messaging app Skype is attempting to help us solve one of our multi-tasking problems with the latest update, which will allow us to do other things..

OnePlus One now available in India on Amazon on invite-only basis


Following the announcement of Xiaomi's Redmi Note sale on Flipkart, the third Chinese major smartphone maker OnePlus has opened online sale of its latest smartphone on Amazon..

PD James, author of cerebral murder mysteries, dies at 94


P.D. James, the renowned British novelist famous for her cerebral murder mysteries, died on November 27 at her residence in Oxford, England at the age of 94...

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How Standing Desk benefits health


Sitting disease, as it has been dubbed, has been called the body's biggest enemy by Women's Health magazine, and an insidious health sin by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health.

Endangered Hammerhead Shark tracked for thousands of kilometers by marine scientists


Marine researchers have been able to track the precise movements of a young hammerhead shark for the first time over a 10-month period. Endangered Hammerhead sharks..

Centipede genome mapped for the first time, decodes early evolution


A team of scientists has managed to map the centipede genome for the first time, offering insights into early evolution. The genome of Strigamia maritima was the first..

Dry powder measles vaccine found safe in human trials


Measles vaccine so far has been administered through an injection but the researchers have now come up with a measles vaccine which is in dry powder form and it is delivered..

Hey Zuckerberg! Teens are getting bored of Facebook


World's most popular social networking site Facebook has now 1.35 billion active monthly users but it seems that the site has now reached its saturation point as the..

How much we know about how the Internet works?


American web users' understanding of online terms, tech history and famous faces varies. According to a Pew Research study, less than a quarter of Americans know that..